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Storage Facilities

Storage from as little as $1.00 per day!*


Strategically located, with direct access to the Northern and Southern Highways, our warehouse facility gives Cooee Couriers the most conveniently located warehouse in Australia’s Northern gateway.


With an outstanding local team, Cooee Couriers provides secure racked storage for pallets, cartons, spare parts and customised storage solutions. We can offer storage for any item that can be stored on pallets.



STORAGE SPECIAL! - Use Cooee Couriers to collect your pallets and receive one week of storage for FREE!**


Call us today and ask how we can Store and Deliver your freight for you!


* Per pallet space. ** Perth Metro area only. Minimum off our weeks storage required.
Cooee Couriers offer secure, non public access warehouse storage. All storage must be palletised or moveable with a forklift. 1000kg weight limit per pallet space used. No larger than 1.2 metres wide, 1.2 metres long and 1.8 metres high. Cartage can be provided by Cooee Couriers or by any other cartage company. Charge of $1.00 per day is charged every day including holidays, non-business days, weekends, drop-off day and delivery day. MINIMUM STORAGE CHARGE IS $25.00 PER WEEK.

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